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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

"Gunduy in our language is cassowary.  When the chicks come out they are a yellow colour with dark stripes. They don't look very much like the adults which they will grow into over time. Gunduy leave in the rainforest and can be very hard to see even though they do have some bright colours."


Emily Murray identifies herself as a Girramay and Jirrbal Traditional Owner of the Davidson Creek area. Emily lives at Murray Upper, north-west of Cardwell.


Emily has a very strong connection to place and heritage and draws from traditional stories, calendar events in the lives of plants and animals, and the places where she lives and camps for her inspiration. Emily is not afraid of a challenge and works across a number of mediums including weaving, painting and ceramics.  Her work is represented in a number of private and institutional collections in Australia including the Queensland Art Gallery, British Museum, Lady Cilento Mater Children's Hospital, National Museum of Australia and others. Her work has been included in major sculptural installations for the Museum of Oceanography Monaco (2015 - 6 months); Cairns Performing Arts Centre (2018 permanent); Strand Ephemera (2012- 2 weeks received Excellence Award) Townsville.


Artist: Emily Niganday Murray
Cultural Group: Girramay
Dimensions: 63 x 61.5cm

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Cat # 74-15

Painting: 'Two Gunduy Resting'

SKU : 74-15