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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

"This is a painting about the coastline where the saltwater and freshwater mix. This is a place we go to catch fish, camp on the beach and share with each other. If there are no crocodiles or stingers we can go for a swim.


A Girramay man of the Murray Upper area north of Cardwell, Philip creates work that reflects his cultural ties to country.  

As a language speaker and knowledge holder, Philip always aims to work with other Traditional Owners to share what he knows. He is a creator of traditional tools and has an extensive knowledge of the environment and its resources.

Philip was taught by his parents Andy and Daisy Denham, highly respected Elders of the area.  Philip is a relatively new artist with the Girringun Art Centre but his creativity and interest in working with new materials is showing astounding results.


Artist: Philip Denham
Cultural Group: Girramay

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 560mm x 750mm
Cat # 91-14

Painting: 'Seaside'

SKU : 91-14