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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Debra Murray is a Girramay woman. She is based in the Jumbun Aboriginal Community of the Murray Upper area, North-West of Cardwell, Queensland. 


Specialising in ceramics, Debra’s portfolio consists of Bigin bowls, pots and Bagu sculptures. All one of a kind pieces, Debra’s work is intricate and eye-catching. Debra is also a talented painter and printmaker. She is noted for her use of form, varied designs and penchant for a traditional colour palette. 


Debra showcases her strong connection to country and tradition through her lively works. Recognised for her talents, she has been a notable recipient of The Strand of Emphemera (Townsville Artistic Excellence Award).


Artist: Debra Murray
Cultural Group: Girramay

Materials: Clay Ceramic Non-Traditional Materials
Dimensions: 36.5x15x5.5cm
Cat # 114-16

Bagu by Debra Murray

SKU : 114-16
  • Arts and crafts: Girringun Art Centre's arts and crafts are hand produced, one off original works. As such they may from time to time have unique marks or craftsmanship nuances that may be deemed as faults. These will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us within 30 (thirty) days upon receipt of the item if you feel the work has an issue that you'd like to discuss.