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Artist | Nancy Beeron
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Girramay & Jirrbal Traditional Owner

Nancy Beeron is a Jirrbal/Girramay woman. She is based in the Jumbun Aboriginal Community of the Murray Upper area, North-West of Cardwell, Queensland

Nancy is a painter, potter and esteemed weaver of the Jawun bi-cornual basket. In a lengthy and methodical process, she collects lawyer cane from her traditional Rainforest country, splits the cane into fine strips and intricately weaves her one-off designs. A multi-faceted artist; Nancy’s paint work is contrasting and engaging. Her ceramics are also rich, unique and exceptionally detailed.

Nancy’s work has featured in the Story Place: Indigenous Art of Cape York & the Rainforest and the Woven Forms: Weavings from the Jumbun, Lockhart River and Aurukun Communities exhibitions. Permanent collections, galleries and museums throughout Australia have purchased Nancy’s pieces. Her Jawun are also on permanent display at the Cairns Convention Centre.

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