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Artist | Emily Murray
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Girramay & Jirrbal Traditional Owner
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Emily Nigandy Murray is a Girramay and Jirrbal Traditional Owner of the Davidson Creek area. She is based in the Murray Upper area, North-West of Cardwell, Queensland.

Emily works across a number of mediums including weaving, painting and ceramics. As an expert weaver of traditional Mindi baskets, Emily has been a tutor and demonstrator of weaving practises at schools, exhibitions and art centres across Eastern Australia. Emily has a very strong connection to place and heritage. Her art draws from traditional stories, calendar events, plants, animals and her homelands. 

Her work is represented in a number of private and institutional collections in Australia. This includes the Queensland Art Gallery, British Museum, Lady Cilento Mater Children's Hospital and National Museum of Australia. She has been included in major sculptural installations for the Museum of Oceanography Monaco 2015 (6 months), Cairns Performing Arts Centre 2018 (permanent) and The Townsville Strand Ephemera 2012.

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