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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Soraya Whelan is a Warrgamay/ Girramay woman of the Ingham area in Queensland.  


Soraya is a gifted ceramicist, painter and weaver. With an extremely versatile pottery portfolio consisting of Bagu sculptures, Bigin bowls and Dundu, it is clear that Soraya is a master of her craft. As a painter, Soraya has produced astounding works that stand over three metres tall. Often depicting traditional stories with a twist, the imagery usually reflects the people, animals and the rainforest environment. A skillful weaver, Soraya has experimented successfully with using traditional and non-traditional materials. 


Soraya has a passion for expressing cultural knowledge in creative ways. Additionally, she is a writer of poetry and is now looking at incorporating this new medium in her artwork. Soraya’s work has featured in many exhibitions throughout Australia. She has also been recognised for her talent, having received the Highly Commended, Group Installation, Dundu, 4th Hinchinbrook Birdlife Art Award (Tyto Gallery Ingham).


Artist: Soraya Whelan
Cultural Group: Warrgamay/ Girramay

Materials: Non-Traditional Materials
Dimensions: 13 cm x 7 cm
Cat # 313-18

Woven Basket by Soraya Whelan

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