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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

John Murray is a Girramay man. He is based in the Murray Upper region, North-West of Cardwell, Queensland. John is an accomplished Bagu and Bigin bowl ceramicist.


He is also a fine painter, first picking up his paintbrush in 2008. He uses art as a creative outlet of expression and communication; connecting with others beyond his disabilities. His gift for colour transforms traditional and personal stories with energy and vitality.


John’s work reflects the pleasure he takes in fishing, camping and sports. It provides a glimpse of life in the rainforest. His first solo show, John’s Stories, was featured at the Kick Arts Contemporary Art Centre, coinciding with the 2010 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. The show toured Queensland in 2012 and 2014.


John’s work has been featured in private and institutional collections, including the State Library of Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery and Arts Queensland.


Artist: John Murray
Language Group: Girramay
Catalogue Number: GAAC220-19
Medium: Earth Pigments and Paint Pen on Paper
Size: 76 cm x 57cm


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  • This Artwork has been created in conditions compliant with the Indigenous Code of Conduct. Copyright remains the property of the artist. This artwork embodies intellectual property of the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of the Girringun region. Dealing with any part of this artwork that has not been authorised is a serious breach of customary law.