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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Marjorie Kinjun is a Gulngay Traditional Owner from one of the endangered Aboriginal cultural groups, with fewer than 25 people remaining. 


Marjorie is an esteemed Elder and accomplished weaver of traditional basket forms, including Mindi and Gundala. She uses traditional and non-traditional materials in her intricate weavings, often combining both in the one object. Marjorie favours bright colours throughout her work, showcasing her bold personality. A talent across many art forms, Marjorie is also an extremely skilled painter. Her paintings are vivid and full of character - immediately enthralling audiences. 


Majorie is a cultural knowledge holder. Her weaving is just one example of her desire to pass on this knowledge to others. Marjorie has been recognised for her work, having received first prize at the Tully Agricultural Show (Traditional Aboriginal Art Craft). Marjorie’s works have also featured in numerous exhibitions Australia wide.


Artist: Marjorie Kinjun

Cultural Group: Gulngay

Materials: Recycled Materials

Dimensions: 13cm x 9cm
Cat #MK1215

Mindi by Marjorie Kinjun

SKU : MK1215