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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Clarence Kinjun is a Gulngay Traditional Owner of the Tully River area, one of the endangered Aboriginal communities with a population of less than 25 people. 


He is an artist, language speaker and storyteller. He is also a well known and respected maker of traditional objects such as Shields, Boomerangs and Swords; objects which were traditionally made and painted by men. A talented sculpturalist, Clarence’s Bagu and Jiman are immaculate. Standing up to four meters tall, they are some of the Girringun Art Centre’s most renowned and distinguishable pieces. Clarence’s precise brush strokes, clean finishes and preferred earthy palette acts as his signature. 


Holding a well of cultural knowledge, Clarence is also regularly called on to act as a cultural tutor. Deriving from strong traditional roots, his grandfather was the last initiated man of the Tully River area. Clarence has been producing highly sought after traditional objects for many years. They have since been acquired by countless collectors during that time.


Artist: Clarence Kinjun
Cultural Group: Gulngay

Materials: Clay Ceramic Non-Traditional Materials
Dimensions: 184 x 40 x 16cm
Cat # 16-14

Life Sized Bagu by Clarence Kinjun

SKU : 16-14
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