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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Artist Ninney Murray (Jirrbal) is a Traditional Owner of the Davidson Creek area. Ninney lives at the Jumbun Community at Murray Falls, north-west of Cardwell. She is an Elder of her people.

Ninney is an expert weaver of all the traditional basket types created by the Girramay and Jirrbal people. Traditional styles include, the Jawun bicornal lawyer cane basket, the Burrajingal, a square-based lawyer cane basket, the Gundala, a coiled lawyer cane basket and the traditional grass mindi basket. Ninney also creates traditional eel traps wungarr, used to trap fresh water eels in the creek. Her weaving skills were passed down by her Aunty. Today Ninney continues to pass her weaving skills and traditional knowledge to her people through weaving workshops.


Ninney is also an accomplished painter whose work captures the stories of the old people and is a visual expression her connection to country and the environments of her childhood. Her work is included in a number of private and institutional collections including the Queensland Art Gallery.


Artist: Ninney Murray
Cultural Group: Jirrbal / Girramay
Dimensions: 13x3x3cms 
Cat # 237-15

Bagu by Ninney Murray

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