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Artist | Philip Denham
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Girramay Traditional Owner
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Philip Denham is a Girramay man. He is based in the Murray Upper region, North-West of Cardwell, Queensland.

Philip creates work that reflects his cultural ties to country. He is known for his exquisite, earthy-toned Bigin shields, Bagu sculptures, Birrbu-birrbu cross boomerangs and paintings. Philip’s paintings, featuring weather patterns, landscapes and animals - are bold and compelling.

Philip is an outstanding creator of traditional tools, with extensive knowledge of the environment and its resources. He is also a Girramay native language speaker. This knowledge was passed on by his parents, Andy and Daisy Denham, respected elders of the area. A now award winning artist, Philip has received The Cairns Airport Innovation Award (Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, CIAF 2019) and the IACA Lucille Osborne Emerging Artist Award, presented at the Kick Arts Gallery Cairns.

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